5 Signs Your Data Center Could Use a Hardware Refresh

5 Signs Your Data Center Could Use a Hardware Refresh

Deidre Boddie |

5 Signs Your Data Center Could Use a Hardware Refresh

Data centers serve as the backbone of countless industries in today’s hyper-connected world. They power the storage, processing, and delivery of massive amounts of digital information. Managers of data centers must balance cost efficiency with optimal performance.

Outdated or inefficient data center hardware can compromise the security and overall performance of the center. How can you tell when your data center could use a hardware refresh? Look out for these telltale signs.

Frequent Connectivity Issues

The increased demand for large amounts of data storage places stress on the data centers responsible for supplying it. That high capacity demand can lead to latency, or delays in the system, as data travels to its destination. System delays and unreliable connectivity are surefire signs that your equipment needs an upgrade.

Increased Maintenance Needs

Do you find yourself calling for a maintenance expert more often as your hardware experiences signs of age? The older your data center equipment is, the more often it will need to be repaired. The downtime you experience as your system undergoes maintenance can cut into productivity and decrease your revenue.

Rising Operational Costs

As data center servers and workstations age, they lose energy efficiency and require more cooling to operate properly. If you notice that your energy bills are skyrocketing, consider replacing your old hardware with models that are guaranteed to work. Wisetek Market Systems’ refurbished workstations for sale are all thoroughly tested and offer a cost-efficient solution to outdated equipment.

Outdated Security Measures

Technology innovators work hard to create up-to-date computing equipment, but hackers and other bad actors work just as hard to find gaps in security. If it’s been years since your last hardware refresh, your cybersecurity is likely to have several weak spots. Close those back doors and protect your system by keeping your hardware up to date.

Limited Storage Space

Your data center is in the business of providing valuable digital storage to your clients. What do you do when you start to run low on storage yourself? If your data center is struggling to keep up with demand, a full hardware refresh is in order to avoid slow response times and potential data loss.

In a fast-paced world where data reigns supreme, maintaining an efficient and secure data center is paramount to success. Recognize the signs that your data center needs a hardware refresh and perform the necessary upgrades to ensure optimal performance and cost-effective operations.