Green Strategies for Efficient Server Farms

Green Strategies for Efficient Server Farms

Deidre Boddie |

Green Strategies for Efficient Server Farms

The data center industry has exploded in popularity in recent years with the advent of cloud computing. After all, the cloud doesn’t store data in the ether—it’s actually a vast global network of servers. Data has to be physically stored somewhere!

However, with the increased demand for data storage comes a higher demand for server farms, which require a great deal of energy to function. Reduce your environmental impact and run an efficient server farm with these green strategies.

Increase Airflow Efficiency

Computing equipment tends to get hot the longer it runs. Your server farm’s cooling system may use up to half of the total energy expended, but you can increase its efficiency by minimizing the amount of bypass airflow.

Bypass airflow refers to air that returns to your system’s cooling unit without removing any heat from your servers, and it’s a big energy-waster. Install blanking panels around your servers to decrease their inlet temperatures, and seal any gaps or open spaces. Increasing your computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit’s return air temperature will also reduce energy waste.

Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish

Our landfills are laden with electronic waste, and demand for new equipment only increases the number of electronics that people throw away. The good news is you don’t have to buy brand-new hardware to run a green server farm!

In fact, refurbished computer equipment functions just as well as its newer counterparts. Investing in refurbished servers and IT hardware can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and keep e-waste out of landfills. If any of your equipment breaks down and you need to discard it, companies like the Green Recycling Company can help you recycle it effectively.

Power Up With Renewable Energy

The source of your server farm’s energy can have a demonstrable impact on your environmental footprint. Consider installing solar panels on the roof of your server farm to harness a natural energy source! Follow in the footsteps of tech giants like Google and Apple by beginning the transition to solar energy.

Other sources of renewable energy include hydroelectric plants and wind turbines. Your server farm’s sustainability goal should be to move away from reliance on fossil fuels and utilize natural, renewable energy sources.

Improve the sustainability of your server farm or data center by reducing the amount of energy and other resources you waste. These three green strategies will help you operate a highly efficient server farm and lessen your environmental impact.